PEC meets on the second tue of each month. Meetings are open to the public, and start at 6:30 pm at the Putney town Hall…

PEC is a dedicated group of appointed towns people, working on projects to save energy and raise awareness of the triple challange of Peak Oil, Climate change and Economic instibility, globally and locally.

Here are some of the past projects

1. Green Bike Project – ended in 2010, with phase 2 hopefully soon…

2. Town-wide Recycling project and CD recycling

3. Energy Decent Action Plan for Putney – with Transition Putney – outcome of the re-write of the energy section of the town plan. Ongoing…

4. LED light bulb drive – 2012 – ongoing – free consulting by Daniel Hoviss of e-Solutions

5. LED streetlights replacement project – completed 2014!

6. Streetlight report, workgroup and Energy coordinator – completed 2013

7. Putney’s ACCELERATED CLEAN ENERGY (ACE) program – completed in 2012

8. Green Building  – Solar Home Tour – Button up workshops – several were held 2000-2014

9. Solarize Putney! – Three types of Solar all discounted. Program sunset July 2014

10. Municipal PV electric project – 80% of the towns electricity is from PV. 2015

11. Municipal weatherization project grant – completed 2015

See the project archive for details